About US

The term “STEM” seems to be thrown around a lot these days. You’ll find it on a box of building blocks for toddlers, on apps for children’s coding, on robotics toys for teens, and it keeps appearing on school syllabus from preschool to university!


What does this all mean? Why is it so important? What is it that our children truly need? How can we, as teachers, parents and caretakers, leverage STEM products to provide our children with the best learning opportunities? Why is it so complicated? How do I know which of the thousands of selections available are actually good STEM products?

STEM Plus has observed the chaotic STEM landscape for a long time now, and have responded with the first STEM platform aimed at solving the many questions that students, teachers, parents and caretakers may have. As a platform, we do not distribute or own any of the STEM products.



Our aim is to provide a neutral ground for STEM consumers to learn about the many options available on the market, and thus select what they may need. We will do the work of consolidating, screening and reviewing each of the worthy products available, so that you won’t have to!


We partnered with HKFEW (Hong Kong Federation of Educational Workers) exclusively to develop the First Reputable Standard for STEM products including toys, courses and educational products, and organize the STEM fairs and product exhibitions in Hong Kong, aims to uplift the standard of STEM Education in Hong Kong.

Our Services:

Transforming the way STEM service providers market, sell and operate.

Connecting children, parents and teachers with quality STEM products.

Engage STEM learning experiences with the children of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area of China.